In the late 1960's the Evesham Corporation began purchasing land in the southern portion of Evesham along the south side of Taunton Lake Road and began eight years of site preperation for what was to become Kings Grant. Kings Grant is not a development, but rather a concept of leaving the natural environment intact while building a community. The land was granted to a farmer by King George, hence the name Kings Grant.
   Billed as the Environmental NewTown, Kings Grant is actually many different developments which were built by several developers beginning in the mid 1970's. Before construction began landscape architects, foresters, land planners, engineers and hydrologists made studies showing the characteristics of the 2,850 acre tract to help decide what type of building would be best suited for the different sections.
   Preserving Nature while building added alot to the cost of housing, for example in an early  section of homes developed by John B. Canuso a model was offered for $62,990 at Kings Grant however the same model was sold for $49,990 in a Voorhees development. This was also at a difficult time in the Real Estate industry with interest rates at all time highs, a bad economy and gas shortages. For an upscale project like Kings Grant this slowed down much of the developments. When the market improved in the 1980's Kings Grant was completed with 2,512 homes.
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Kings Grant Open Space Association
The original Kings Grant sign in 1977.
Courtesy Edna Wirth