New World at Willow Hill is one of Evesham's forgotten developments, since only a small portion of it was actually built. New World is bordered by Evans, Waverly and Wescott Roads and Marlton Parkway-South of Brush Hollow. New World was designed to bring Southern California living to Evesham. It was one of the first developments that had to set aside open spaces to comply with Green Acres regulations. Originally planned to contain 850 single family homes and 290 townhomes along with a school, only about 25 single family homes were built in the section below the present Marlton Parkway and 40-45 homes were built in the section above the Parkway until a sewer moratorium forced the project to fold in August, 1975.    
   Perhaps the most memorable thing about New World was the huge globe that sat in front of the information center and model homes on Route 73 and Evans Road, when this road connected to the highway. The globe was similar to the Unisphere at the 1964 World's Fair. On September 27, 1973 the developer held a ceremony to celebrate the opening of New World's model homes. A helicopter flew from Deleware to Exit 8A of the New Jersey Turnpike to pick up the 10,000 pound globe and deliver it to the development site. The high point of the ceremony was to be when the globe was mounted on its base. The helicopter approached the site in strong winds but right on cue. As it decended closer to the concrete mount a cable snapped and the globe broke away from the helicopter and rolled into a nearby field. Damage was minimal and the globe was eventually mounted successfully.
  The housing styles at New World were available with international styling. The homes were built by Aaron Cross Construction Comapny.

   The models were:

The Antigua, a one- story ranch home that was offerd in two styles: contemporary for $43,900 and Spanish for $45,990.

The Granada, a two-story with two styles: contemporary for 45,990 and Spanish for $47,990.

The Martinique, a bi-level with two styles: contemporary for $48,990 and English Tudor for $53,990.

The Devon, another one-story with two styles: contemporary for $48,990 and English Tudor for $51,990.

The Nassau, another two-story with two styles: contemporary for $50,990 and English Tudor for $52,990.
  Unfortunately for the developer, who had just completed another development with difficulty in Monroe Township, the mortage market was very tight with limited money available. Because of this this they introduced a line of lower priced models in 1975 known as the "Colonial Estate Homes" priced in the $39,900 to $45,900 range. Soon afterward, a sewer moratorium shut down the New World project. When Rossmoor abandoned the project the information center was demolished and the model homes located there were moved to the main development area. The 390 acre site was later acquired by Chuisano, who built the Willow Ridge development there during the 1980's.
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Thanks to Dennis Badurina, who grew up in New World, for providing information to this page.
Also thanks to Jeffrey Auchter for providing a copy of the sales brochure and information.
Artwork from New World brochure cover
    Site Plan Map of New World   

New World Home Model Artwork
    1975 newspaper photo of model home area at New World, taken at the time when construction at the Development was discontinued.
1975 newspaper photo